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The Lady of the Cathedrals

Erected on the rock where the Clamores and Eresma rivers embrace, romantic style, located in the historic centre surrounded by ancient city walls and fortified towers. The poets are inspired under melody of the bell towers at the border of Castile. The most charming romantic churches, the old synagogue and the Lady of the Cathedrals await us, eagered to tell us their history and vicissitudes.

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A storybook Castle

It has been a palace and a military fortress, with a tower presiding it. The Alcázar stands on top of a rocky crag. Its towers are topped off with black cones made of slate, which seem to be peaking up; a picture of this castle makes for a postcard far beyond Disney´s dreams. Let us tell you some history: this was where Alfonso the X, the wise (1221-1284) came to rest, the king astronomer, and from where Isabella the Catholic, left, the 13th of December 1474, to be proclaimed Queen. Cross the castle´s bridge over the moat, go through the Herrerian patio, take a walk down its installations, its hallways, the royal rooms of La Galera, Las Piñas, and see the Vanity of the Queen, relive the ambience of the court of the former kings of Castile.

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My dear Segovia

Unknown romantic churches, convents and places where silence has come to stay. Henry the IV has made a house in which to rest at when he goes hunting. Segovian artisans have crafted with delicate taste majestic mudejar wood ceilings of star-shape geometry. The most exotic and luxurious gifts from Flanders have made their way here. We will be amazed by the little-known Royal Palace of Riofrio (“pabellón Real de caza”) in Segovia, the monastery of Saint Anthony the Royal, under the safekeeping of the humble Poor Clare nuns.

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Between art and poetry

Till today, one can still hear the ecos of the heart-wrenching and modest poetry of Anthony Machado, who lived for twelve years in the segovian residence located in the calle de los Desamparados. At the roman style Saint Quirce church, we will be able to close our eyes and experience the lullaby of the most beautiful verses of spanish poetry in a recital that will speak to us about earth, life and love…

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Long live Mrs. Isabella!

Isabella and Segovia are so deeply united that one can still hear the clamour the segovian people for their queen as we take a stroll down the city. From the Casa de las Cadenas, formerly property of the Cabrera-Bobadilla family, home of Beatriz de Bobadilla who was a childhood friend of Isabella, to the Plaza of Reina Doña Juana with the Tower of Arias Dávila and that of Saint Martin´s, along with the former palace of Isabella´s stepbrother Henry the IV, where they will conspire against the future queen; all this without forgetting to visit the courtyard of Saint Michael´s church where Isabella was proclaimed queen.

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All of Castile in the War of the Communities

Amidst the cries of the rebels, we will make our way through the street of the fiercest plaza where people dared to make their voices hear against the Emperor and where they paid it with their blood. Notaries, nobles, ladies and townspeople… will whisper at us the secrets of the conspiracy that took place during those days that led to that fatal turn of events: the dramatic comunera defeat that left María Coronel widowed after her husband Juan Bravo was sentenced to death. Still today we can hear the cries of pains: Behead me first!

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Night of dramatized legend telling

Segovia is beautifully transformed at night, its stones turn golden, and its streets are filled with wonder and magic from to the sparking nightlights amidst the shadows. It’s a time to tell the best well kept stories, about the royal families, their glamour and class, without forgetting the rich legends this city offers.

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