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Cervantes, the captive who captivates

We will let ourselves be enticed by our most universal writer, a writer so sublime and at the same time so humane. Led by Cervantes we will take a walk through Alcalá, visiting places related to his life and work, like the Chapel of Oidor where he was baptized, the Corral de Comedias, Europe’s oldest comedy theatre, and his childhood home in Calle Mayor. A small town in Castilla-La Mancha, that enables us travel back in time to the Spanish Golden Age to discover unique spaces, like the comedy theatre, not suitable for theatre enthusiasts, to have your own adventure with the most universal characters taken from the Cervantine novel.

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Back to University

This innovative foundation of Cisnero is the heart of this ideal city. It has the best multilingual professors and most mischievous students, in a building rich in treasures to discover. Behind the allegorical façade, the monumental cloisters, the funerary chapel of rich Mudejar and the Auditorium, a santuary where time stops and the great Spanish writers receive the Cervantes Prize.

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Among rougues and bandits

Alcalá, full of richness and university life, the most rich in cultural heritage and influential scientists, home of Cervantes. Scroungers who live without working, students whose rooms are a pigsty, graduates punished to be thrown into the air with the blanket…daily life at the Cisnerian university, where facing hunger sharpens your wit and life itself leaves in you a permanent mark. This we dare to evoke. Also with us will be the tuna band!

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Palace secrets and the Magistral

This cisnerian villa is invaded by storks and schools, time has stopped. Columbus is meeting with Queen Isabella, the future emperor of the Sacred Empire is being born in the Episcopal Palace and the most honourable yet disowned Queen, Catherine, is born within the walls of what had previously been the fortress and refuge of archbishop Carrillo, a dangerous lover of alchemy. In the Antezana Hospital, the oldest in Europe, we will defend ourselves in a duel of honour between knights, draw out your sword!

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The Royal Monastery: the 8th wonder

The Royal site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is much more than a building, it is a whole new world. It has room than 4,000 rooms, 2,673 windows, 1,250 doors, 15 cloisters, 11 watertanks, 88 waterfountains, 40,000 printed books, 5,000 codices, 1,600 paintings, 540 frescos… all in 33,327 m2, built by the most powerful man in the world. All for the eternal rest of Philip II, of his parents and descendants. A royal pantheon within a monastery of the order of St. Jerome, and a palace to go on retreat, for meditation, and where to spend your last days.

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The betrayal of the State at the El Escorial

The enemies of the king are lurking within houses and palaces of the XVIII century: The Royal Coliseum of Carl III, the Fonda de los Milaneses, La Casa de las Tiendas, the house of the Consul of France… Inside the garage of the King, we will be amazed at seeing the carriages, the paintings, the prints and antiques from the participants of duels, plots and tragic farewells.

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Palace and dreamy gardens

Walking through the Palace and the gardens will be an unforgettable experience. The Garden Island and the Prince´s Garden are a paradise of colour and green space, filled with scattered fountains and sculptures that unveil the most incredible mythological stories. We will fill the luxurious rooms of the ¨Casita del Principe¨ (the little house of the Prince) with royal people, with their stories and adventures, and at the Museum of Royal Barges we will evoke his afternoon leisure going on the waters of the Tajo, in luxury and baroque style.

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The Mutiny of Aranjuez

These are times of upheaval; the treason of the French against the puppet king of Spain is going to trigger a historic riot in the heavenly Royal site. Goya is painting the duchess of Alba underneath the arches of Saint Anthony the Royal, not suspecting whatsoever that the Patriot Pujitos is preparing in the main plaza the riot against the most hated field marshal of the Borbon dynasty: Godoy who was hiding inside his Palace from Aranjuez. Raise your weapons!

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A trip to the Middle Ages

A trip to the medieval city, home of the magnificent castle and fortified Cathedral. We will encounter thousand of stories among its stone streets, which on occasions converge into small plazas, containing mansions with noble coats of arms.

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Fall in love with the young nobleman in the Cathedral!

Inside this majestic Cathedral, we will be able to touch the walls of the chapels, the wooden altarpieces and tombs, where our history is so vivid to the eye. Next we will encounter the unforgettable dead man who is still alive: the young nobleman Martin Vazquez de Arce, so worry-free and serene, he meditates forever over his book in the innermost part of his chapel ¨Santa Catalina¨.

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Be intrigued by the Princess of Éboli

An exciting trip going back in time, in which this little province of Guadalajara aspires to be the capital of the Kingdom. Pastrana was a principality governed by King Philip II’s best friend. The widowed princess of Éboli will confront Saint Teresa and will conspire to destroy the new convent. The palace, convent and collegiate church (with the best collection of Portuguese tapestries in Spain) give testimony to the entanglements and betrayals of the Jezebel of the epoch.

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Amidst windmills in the area of La Mancha

Discover the secrets behind the mechanism of the gigantic windmill that mills wheat. We will savour some delicious sheep’s cheese and prepare some “gachas con harina de almortas,” a typical Spanish dish, before the crafty Hidalgo don Quijote of La Mancha knocks us down with his spear.

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Awestruck by the theatre

Almagro, concentrated in an impressive monumental area, is a fruit of its progress under the dominion of the Order of Calatrava and of being favoured by Emperor Charles’ German and Flemish bankers. Take a stroll across the “Plaza Mayor,” unique in Spain, with its “galerías” painted with a Flemish touch and its bluish balconies adorned with bobbin lace curtains, and across its white streets filled with large mansions. We will evoke memories after visiting the National Theatre Museum, and head to the theatrical courtyard, known as “el Corral de Comedias,” which is held as the most beautiful and evocative theatrical performances during the Spanish Golden Age.

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The charming nature and abstraction

Being erected on a promontory, between the Jucar and Huecar rivers, Cuenca is in a stable position within the cliffs. We will be awe-struck contemplating its landscape, urban and original, with buildings over 12 floors high, authentic skyscrapers that are more than 300 years old. We will then make our way to the gothic cathedral, illuminated by beautiful contemporary stained-glass windows. We will dare ourselves at trying to decode the meaning of the abstract paintings in the Museum of the Hanging Houses (las Casas Colgadas), and of many other bold creations in the Antonio Pérez Foundation.

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