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Power, entanglements, and plots in the Madrid of the Austrians

A duel in a remote alley, an assassination around a bend, the relentless execution in the “Plaza Mayor.” The princess of Éboli conspires against the king while Antonio Pérez escapes from the prison, disguised as his wife. Could anyone ask for more?

Guided tours of the Austrians in Madrid
Paramount Works of Art

The 3 must-see artworks, less than 10 minutes apart. Guernica, Meninas, y Jardin de las Delicias: Picasso, Velázquez and Bosco…this triumphant trio immerse you into art. If you can´t resist this golden mine of art, then we will let you take a peak at Thyssen, if your eyes cant resist the wonder.

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The duel between Lope and Cervantes, in Letters quarter

There’s nothing more thrilling than the lives of our two giant literature writers: the “Phoenix of wits” versus the immortal “monster of nature”, author of the Quijote. Lope and Cervantes lived on the same street, in the same neighborhood, and were buried in the same grave. We learn this first-hand in the crypt of “las Trinitarias”, according to the verdict of the paleopathologists who excavated Cervantes’ remains.

Guided tours Madrid and dramatised walks
Madrid’s cool vibes: in a 600 through la Latina

Where else will you see another like this! At the wheel of a 600, the most-loved car and the most legendary of our automobiles, with a suit and tilted beret of a chaffer, getting around the narrow alleys in el Rastro, la Latina and the most Castilian squares of the Old Madrid.

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Women with guts in the romantic Madrid

Sobs, jobbery, love affairs and deceits in the most private corners of Madrid in the Age of Romanticism, from the perspective of the brave woman who lifted her voice and penned down her cries of her misery and plight.

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Music and other delights in the baroque Madrid

The grand refinement in the art and music immersed under the vaults of that of the baroque churches that the Austrias and the Borbons plastered with colourful frescoes.

Guided tours of the Austrians in Madrid
Passion for Goya

All art, all colour, all Goya. Exciting, vibrant, bursting brushstrokes… A world of courtiers, French flavour, friends and artists, majas and fops, witnesses of the wonderful life of the genius in the most impressive places of his art work, including those least known of the Royal Tapestry Factory, today still full of life and artisans and Saint Anthony of La Florida, an art sanctuary.

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Spanish Tapas and chulaponas

Between Violeteras, chulapas and majas, Madrid de las Vistillas will lead our way into the domains of Luis Candelas, which were defended unto death by the heroic Manuela Malasaña. In the meantime we will call a truce while eating the most delicious and exquisite tapas at amazing spots in the authentic Madrid.

Guided Tapas Route madrid
Latest Fashion

Have you always wanted to understand the dynamic of fashion and the reasons for its trends? In this visit you will discover the motives that inspired fashion designers, from the Balenciaga revolution, you will take a walk down the brand names that have set the trends and will be able to take a peek into the studio of the very same fashion designers to unveil their secrets. Afterwards, we will refresh in a gourmet station to discover new flavours and experiences.

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Madrid on wheels

A unique and fun way of discovering and getting to know the city of Madrid. From a riding the bike through el Parque del Retiro, going on Segway around the Royal Palace or hopping on the charming Go Car to travel through the cosmopolitan city of Madrid.

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