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We will receive you with the best hosts

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The Soul of the Cathedral

No dates, no rocks, the joy of submerging yourself in an environment of sanctity and beauty of its naves, choir, major sacristy, chapter house, and treasures—soak in its works of art. You will absolutely live an unforgettable experience.

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Toledo’s Greco Compendium

Greco art as you have never seen it before. A thorough perspective full of contradictions and surprises explained by an expert Historian that will surely impact you. Could there ever be so much heaven and so much earth in one painting?

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A stroll with the Dames of the Court

Wouldn’t you like to get know the Great Ladies and their even bigger undertakings/ ventures? Hold on tight and let’s go to Palaces, Mansions, and Convents to discover their heroic actions and fidelity to true love.

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Toledo with Isabel!

An enticing stroll through Toledo that leaves one in love with our favourite Queen, whose courage and political vision allowed the formation of the modern state where justice, order, commerce, government; and even defended the souls of the Natives

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Emperor Charles’s Imperial City

Discover the footprints of the unwanted young man on whom Toledo closed its doors during the Comunero Revolt. He managed to convert the city and its fortress into the most eloquent symbol of power and force, during the time which proved to be the most painful.

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Discover the hidden legends and mysteries

The lesser known, hidden away Toledo, submerged in underground crypts, caves and wells. Legends that rattle and move: madness, revenge, love, and disappointments.

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Toledo’s Three Cultures….or where there more?

What if the touristic slogan isn’t saying the whole truth? What if we actually have more or even less cultures than we thought? Discover them with us in the labyrinth streets among Medieval Churches, Mudejar Synagogues, Mozarabic Churches, French and Leon style streets.

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Yearn for Sefarad in Toledo’s Jewish District

A stroll through the most important Jewry/ Jewish places in Castilla La Mancha getting to know unique medieval Synagogues right here in Europe, an ancient bath house of purification, savour a delicious Sefaradian menu or a glass of Kosher wine, but of course don’t miss out on the apex, live Sefaradian music at the Santa María la Blanca, Synagogue.

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There’s Novely in the Alcázar palace

We dare penetrate the largest and most ambitious museum of our ear: Europe’s best art collection. More than 2,000 flags, 4,000 swords, unique art, photos, and miniatures. Duke Medinaceli impressing collection is a journey through Spain’s rich history, from the Catholic Kings to the missions of peace in our days. You can’t out do this!

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In the Intimacy of the Convents

Find yourself inside these cloisters, choirs, and galleries where you can hear the silence, our footsteps and the bells, with every special touch. Heritage sites filled with rich history, where the truth surpasses the legend. And even better are the sweet pastries that you have to savour!

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